Sunday, 13 December 2009


(mum) Hollie! Are there boys in your apartment?

(me) Yes, mum.

(mum) Do you have mistletoe up?

(me) No, Mum!

(mum) well... Go and draw some then!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Finals are Nigh

There is one more day left of school, then on to finals! Of COURSE, I am far from prepared, having spent a lot of time preparing for Christmas and Germany and just life in general. I wonder what it feels like to truly be on top of everything?
I will take a minute to express to you how utterly excited I am to hop on that plane and touch down in Europe! I am SO excited. You know how when you like a boy a ton and every other minute you think of him? It's like that. I am SO excited to be done with exams and be with my family!
This year I have handmade my wrapping paper. I painted it all. My roommate laughed at me, but the joke was on my when I finished and they looked rather fantastic. Christmas is my ultimate favourite time of the year.
The other breaking news is that I AM IN CHARGE OF THE CHRISTMAS DINNER THIS YEAR! Mum said I could cook it this year- so I am thrilled. I can't wait until I have a spare moment to surf my favourite cooking sites for delectable recipes and tips. Also this will be my first time cooking a turkey from scratch. So... wish me luck! Also, please comment/ email me any good recipe ideas.
peace out.