Sunday, 23 November 2008

Twilight, the Movie

Alright, alright- the most anticipated movie of the year... was so so bad! But fear not- I actually had to conclude that I LOVED it, despite Edwards BAD makeup and Bella's not so smooth, ever so monotone "what is going on" line. Corny, incredibly overacted, but... loved it!


Today I miss my cute brothers. Connor recently knocked his teeth out- sad!- and Logan, on a date with a girl, somehow caused her to fall wherein she broke her ankle and ripped her new jeans. LOVE!!!

Picture of the Day

Thoughts: treehouses, crickets, stargazing, shepherds and the nativity story, camping, sausages, blue paint, romantic hike, moon river, the cure, warm breezes, barn houses, swings, bedtime, Edward Cullen, writing a novel, mosquitos, old swing music, rolley polleys

Hallowe'en 2008

The Cowboy, The Greecian, The Penguin, The YW President and The Schoolgirl

College Family

Art Night at FHE. I had Keith pose and the rest of us had 10 minutes to sculpt/ draw/ paint him.

This is my FHE group for the Fall! Keith and I look after Loren, Devon, Logan (who recently left us to get married), Emily, Amber, Coleman, Anna, Karem and Jamie.

Eclectic Adventures of Anna and I

Having lived together for some time now, Anna and I are basically the mod version of Anne Shirley (of Green Gables) and Diana Barry.

Anna was making me watch a Harrison Ford movie (gag), and as in all situations we thought we would make it official with the chocs. Harrison + Amish people wasn't really doing it for me, so the chocolate had to become my only entertainment. Therefore, Harrison + Chocolate = above.

Toga Party!! Anna and I were invited to a toga party (of the LDS variety) by some guys from our apartment complex. Best dressed. Enough said.

Here is Anna and myself- doing what best friends do best- shopping in Salt Lake City! We figured out that it takes 2 hours to get into Salt Lake using public transport. 2 hours and a lot of very interesting encounters with very strange people- why is it that only very odd people use public transport?

Roommates Fall/ Winter 2008-9

Anna, Karem and I moved into University Villa and met our new roommate, Jamie- a lovely girl from Minnesota. Jamie served a mission in Germany. Karem, of course, is a good friend. We met in an English class in 2007. Karem is from Florida. Anna and I have been roommates since fall 2007 and knew that we would have to live together again! I am incredibly lucky to have such good roommates!