Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson Dies at Age Fifty

Michael Jackson, arguably the King of Pop, died yesterday, June 25 2009 after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Things to do at Work: Best Blog Ever
Possibly my favourite of the week. Stereotype mormon blog mom- HILARIOUS stuff, incredibly funny to read. Some samples:

Gym it up. If you can't actually GO to the gym a lot, def talk about it tons, keep a gym bag visible in the back seat, and act sore a lot. Its impeerically proven and ladies know it: six pack now --> stake pres later.

Supposably it's still "too early" for me to go to the DTD (Down There Doc) about our cute fetus, BUT made plans with all the other prego gals (TIMEOUT: Soooo fun that so many of them are prego too...weird, right??!), we are going to hit up Fetal Fotos ASAP and get 3D pics of our babies faces and then put little talking bubbles on them that say things like "Good luck, dad!" and "No pressure, it's just my social status! :)" to plaster around the boyses study desks to help them focus.

We definately busted out the Pampered Chef/Tupperware/insert Home Business Opportunity here gear, including the most DARLING cookie cutters EVER to EXIST throughout time and are using them to add serious personality, passion and pizazz to the lunchtime sandwiches we make so lovingly each day!! Love the one shaped like an "A+!" not to mention the darling hearts, stars, crowns and even a little briefcase! Personally, I love LOVE love to cut the meat with it, THEN the low-fat cheese with it, THEN the tomatos, cukes, etc., THEN combine them and cut the bread with it so all the corners match up. Angelbabe is going to grin his hot face right off when he sees all the support I put in those suckers! One more way we don't let the sizzle fizzle!!

THEN we printed a TON of seriously adorable flashcards with way hard law/biz/med/dental terms on them (thanx, Cricut!), ones such as "contracts" and "aggregate" and ""periodontal" and "veneer," then laminated them, THEN went the extra mile and bEdAzzlEd them! All us girls are going to take turns quizzing each other so we can understand the guyses boring slash serious convos. I am TOTALLY calling you guys my cohorts instead of e-BFFs! J/k, talk about a yawner. But with practice all us law/biz/med/dental babes'll totally be able to keep up when they start talking about maximizing prophets which has GOT to be a good thing.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers Day!  This is my Dad in perhaps his least favourite setting: the middle of nowhere.  I get to visit my Daddy in about a month and a half!  SO THERE!

Announcement for your General Information:

Haili Gregson, my incredibly talented singer songwriter friend, and I are going to LA in July!  Haili has some music things to do- so we are going down there to "make it".  If we DO, we are not coming back.
We are excited to go to Hollywood, be in the audience of a terrible daytime show, go to the beach, visit H&M, stalk a few stars homes and do the walk of fame.  Any other suggestions for our week of terrific fun are welcome.
This is Hails and myself, on our way to Ikea about a month ago.  We bonded over Ikea.  Naturally.

Spring Term is Over: Friends Leave

Sad day.  Yesterday Erika (pictured above) left, along with Julia, my roommate.  The Spring Term is over, and Summer is beginning on Monday- so my break from classes is officially half way OVER.  Is this a bad thing?  Well, it means my tip to Europe is that much closer... and I guess by then I will be refreshed enough to be excited about classes (which, by the way, are almost entirely editing classes).

Movie of the Week: The Proposal

Love, love, love this movie! Haili and I decided at 10pm on its opening night that we should definitely definitely go and see this flick. We briefly regretted the decision when we saw the waiting line we had to stand in. But this was nothing popcorn and a large slurpee could not fix. When we got into our seats (which were, I am pleased to report, smack dab in the middle of the theater) the wait was forgotten because this movie was everything a girl (no way a guy) would want to see. Sandra Bullock, it must be said, is a comic genius. Ryan Reynolds- and I have known this for quite some time now- also has genius qualities and is probably on my top ten list of "movie stars I want to sit and watch for up to 2 hours". Overall this was a very funny movie with a cute story line and characters that you felt you knew. It was very well written- and was one of those films that made me want to write recreationally.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Photography Award, June 18. 2009.

I have no details on this photograph for you other thank it appeared when I google searched "National Geographic Photography". I think this would be a beautiful setting for chapter one of the novel I will someday write.

WARNING: No Progresso for Late Sleepers

Because I do not pull myself out of bed until the last possible moment; by the time I have stumbled into an outfit for work (which, today, consists of black tights, a black high waisted pencil skirt, banana republic ivory linen shirt and dark green cardigan), brush my teeth and attempt to line my eyes with Revlons latest, I did not have enough time to get myself a nicely packed lunch today. Instead, I searched my cupboards and pulled out this: Progresso Chowder. May I please make a statement on behalf of desperate time constricted office workers everywhere? "Progresso does not cut it!!!!!" There is something seriously wrong when I find myself wishing I had grabbed a Cup Noodle (from that Ramen guy we college kids all love) instead. Gross, gross, gross Progresso.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Movie of the Week

Yes, yes... I saw it. a) Zac Efron makes me feel like a giggly schoolgirl once more. b) hilarious sidekick best friend. c) beautiful tributes to todays greatest cars. d) well, they threw in some morals didn't they?
Go see it.

My Achievements At Work Today

Mad scientist Rich
Ronald McDonald Rich
Frodo Rich

This is Rich. If you watch The Office, Rich is to me like Toby is to Michael. Right now we are at war with one another. Today, the hits included "Paint Battles" wherein we gave eachother paint makeovers and forwarded them around the office. All day. We recieved a warm reception from our audience and I think most agree that I won. Naturally.
(disclaimer-- I don't really hate Rich like Michael hates Toby. I feel for him how Jim feels for Andy)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Breaking News!

The legendary Keith Evans got a facebook account today.  Wonders will never cease.

Rainbow Saturdays

This happened outside my building today.  Contrary to those usual Utah weekends you all hear about, lately we have been experiencing nothing but rain, rain, rain.  The perks are these fantastic rainbows (although this picture is not fantastic because i had to take it with my computer due to lack of camera- mine is dead and I can't find the charger.  This is also my excuse for not uploading pictures anytime soon...)

New Hair

For any of you strangers out there who are blog- stalking (shame on you), you may have the impression that my hair is constantly changing.  Not so.  Well, not usually so.  While it is true that lately my locks have gone under A LOT of transformations etc, I must assure you all that- for some gracious reason of which I am unsure- my hair is really quite healthy and survives the many torrents I put it through.  Latest torrent: the long bob.  Interesting reactions (unexpected more likely): my MOTHER was the supportive one, and my FATHER was the one to chastise me.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Best Piggyback EVER!

This made my day. And made me miss Africa.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Movie of the Month

Devon and Keith and I went to see UP this past weekend- in 3D, no less! THAT was an experience. It took quite a while for my eyes to adjust, but once they did, it was an amazing movie (3D is all the rage. Peter Jackson just vowed that he would only commit to 3D movies from now on- it's the future!). Devon and I agreed that we would have to see it again to remember all the good lines- there were A LOT- it was hilarious. I'd rate it 11 out of ten. Easily.

Picture of the Day

So much about this picture is just me. I love it.

Celebrity of the Day

John Krasinski. Enough Said.

Some Fail's

Because of my severe blogging absence (sorry), here are some hilarious images to make you smile. Thanks again to failblog.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Amazing News Story!

Bride Still in Wedding Gown Saves Family From House Fire
A Connecticut newlywed in her wedding gown is being credited with helping save a family from a Bridgeport house fire.
Officials say that Georgette Clemons had just left her wedding reception Sunday evening when she spotted smoke coming from a home on West McKinley Avenue.
Clemons got out of the car she was riding in and ran into the home. She says a woman was yelling about her animals and didn't want to get out so she had to pull her out.
As firefighters arrived and battled the blaze after members of the Eitelberg family were rescued, Clemons was nearby folding her blackened wedding dress.
Clemons says she messed up her shoes, but says that's no big deal because the people inside the burning home are safe.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

America the Beautiful

On days like today I love America. Above is the reason why. Enough said.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Picture of the Day

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