Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Things to do at Work: Best Blog Ever
Possibly my favourite of the week. Stereotype mormon blog mom- HILARIOUS stuff, incredibly funny to read. Some samples:

Gym it up. If you can't actually GO to the gym a lot, def talk about it tons, keep a gym bag visible in the back seat, and act sore a lot. Its impeerically proven and ladies know it: six pack now --> stake pres later.

Supposably it's still "too early" for me to go to the DTD (Down There Doc) about our cute fetus, BUT made plans with all the other prego gals (TIMEOUT: Soooo fun that so many of them are prego too...weird, right??!), we are going to hit up Fetal Fotos ASAP and get 3D pics of our babies faces and then put little talking bubbles on them that say things like "Good luck, dad!" and "No pressure, it's just my social status! :)" to plaster around the boyses study desks to help them focus.

We definately busted out the Pampered Chef/Tupperware/insert Home Business Opportunity here gear, including the most DARLING cookie cutters EVER to EXIST throughout time and are using them to add serious personality, passion and pizazz to the lunchtime sandwiches we make so lovingly each day!! Love the one shaped like an "A+!" not to mention the darling hearts, stars, crowns and even a little briefcase! Personally, I love LOVE love to cut the meat with it, THEN the low-fat cheese with it, THEN the tomatos, cukes, etc., THEN combine them and cut the bread with it so all the corners match up. Angelbabe is going to grin his hot face right off when he sees all the support I put in those suckers! One more way we don't let the sizzle fizzle!!

THEN we printed a TON of seriously adorable flashcards with way hard law/biz/med/dental terms on them (thanx, Cricut!), ones such as "contracts" and "aggregate" and ""periodontal" and "veneer," then laminated them, THEN went the extra mile and bEdAzzlEd them! All us girls are going to take turns quizzing each other so we can understand the guyses boring slash serious convos. I am TOTALLY calling you guys my cohorts instead of e-BFFs! J/k, talk about a yawner. But with practice all us law/biz/med/dental babes'll totally be able to keep up when they start talking about maximizing prophets which has GOT to be a good thing.


  1. Hollie! I read this and more on her blog...this CANNOT be real!! Who is this lady?? She is crazy!! I cannot believe this! Holy smokes!!

    p.s. i miss you and we have much to catch up on!! love!

  2. Oh dear. "Supposably"?!