Sunday, 21 June 2009

Movie of the Week: The Proposal

Love, love, love this movie! Haili and I decided at 10pm on its opening night that we should definitely definitely go and see this flick. We briefly regretted the decision when we saw the waiting line we had to stand in. But this was nothing popcorn and a large slurpee could not fix. When we got into our seats (which were, I am pleased to report, smack dab in the middle of the theater) the wait was forgotten because this movie was everything a girl (no way a guy) would want to see. Sandra Bullock, it must be said, is a comic genius. Ryan Reynolds- and I have known this for quite some time now- also has genius qualities and is probably on my top ten list of "movie stars I want to sit and watch for up to 2 hours". Overall this was a very funny movie with a cute story line and characters that you felt you knew. It was very well written- and was one of those films that made me want to write recreationally.

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