Friday, 31 July 2009


A couple of things: I am back from CALIFORNIAAAAAAA (more about that later though), looking forward to my trip to Germany and desparately needing to do the dishes at home (sorry Thalia!). Also I came up with a personal slogan which embodies my work ethic: I Don't Help Brats. The End.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quote of the Day

Kristin at work was stuffing an envelope and sealing it.

"I got lip gloss on this envelope. I'm going to have to redo it because it's going to a prisoner. It's jail-mail. I don't want to give him anything here..."

New Arrival

This is a new blog made aware to me by one of my lovely co-workers. The above are some of my favourite highlights. When you are stuck at a computer for 9 hours a day, this site is a god-send. Enjoy the hilarity, and contribute your pics!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Work, Work, and House Work

Cleaning Checks are a dreaded time at apartment 88.  This is me, getting my clean on.  My assignment was the Bathroom- gross- and those begloved hands were- brace yourselves- in the loo.  Note to self: buy a toilet brush.
This is me after work today.  Don't I look impressed with life?  I took a nap after this was taken.  Bringing home the beans is just so tough.

Spotted: My Missionary Bro!!

This is Elder McKee at the Palmyra Pageant, pictured with my relief society president and fellow FHE sisters!  Sorry for the photo stealing from facebook.  This makes me SO HAPPY!!!  What a handsome kid!!  

Hair of the Day

Prank of the Day

As most of you will know, Rich is my "Toby" (if I were Michael, of THE OFFICE). Today I let his photography skills grace the Independent Study White Board of Information. Thanks Rich, for your devotion to your job, and student advocacy.

In the News...

A young 14-year-old boy in Shanghai has been discover to be drinking gasoline to be like his hero, wait for it, Optimus Prime. Too bad now the kid has no idea what a prime number is!
His parents, who also are big gas guzzlers themselves, finally saw a problem with it when the kid couldn't add "7 and 17." Why they decided to drink the fossil fuel, they don't say, but they finally brought the kid to a doctor.
According to the physician at the Shanghai hospital, "the gasoline contains a lot of lead, which can do harm to people's brains. To make thing even worse, the boy is in the physical development stage, and the lead has caused serious damage to his body."


PUT DOWN YOUR MICKEY D'S BURGER!! A 40-year-old woman was found dead today in a machine at the food processing plant where she was an employee.
Located in the City of Industry, a suburb east of Los Angeles, the plant is a major supplier for McDonalds restaurants. In fact, the food processing company developed the famous Big Mac special sauce in the 60s.
The death appears to have been an accident.

Awkward Family Photo of the Day

HA. Is everyone excited for Christmas? I think it is my favourite holiday of the year.

Texas Cheese

I was making a cheese sandwich (why are they called "sandwiches" anyway? I'll wikipedia it.) and i was breaking the cheese just randomly when I realized that this shape had been unknowlingly formed. Shout out to Jules.

3-D: The Way of the Future

Just so you all know: Peter Jackson has said that from now on he will only commit to making 3-D movies. Having experienced my first 3-D movie recently (UP- very good, go see it). 3-D movies are going to be the newest thing. Which is oddly unsettling if I think about how long it took my eyes to adjust to the scree. AND if you consider how difficult it must be to make a 3D movie. I am interested to know just HOW it's done. But not interested enough to research it.

We're a Sophisticated Bunch...

For FHE this week a small group of us headed up onto campus for an art exhibition for one of Ashley's friends. It was magnificent. The artist was sincerely talented. I didn't know if it would be "kosher" to take photographs of her art... so I didn't... but here are a few of us being cultured. Well, eating mainly. There was a chocolate fountain.

Monday Evening at the Park

A few of us headed to the park one gloriously warm Monday evening to play cards, frisbee, take photographs of Kevin Costa, and kick the kids off the jungle gym. This is us, probably far to old to be having so much fun.

Haili Plays at Guru's

As you will remember, I notified you all of Haili's show at Guru's. Here are some snaps of the happy occasion. Haili and her roommate Morgan both played while Moana, Barrett, myself and other friends sat back and enjoyed Guru's famous sweet potato fries (YUM!), and Rich amused himself with my camera.

Wardrobe Peek of the Day

Here's a peek at 2 new purchases that I scored while sale shopping this summer. Thank you to GUESS and Nine West.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

2 Days to California LOVE!

Haili and I are leaving for LA on Thursday!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Because Some of You Have Been Wondering...

A Day in the Life of Me, Summer Version, Current
5.30am Alarm goes off
6.ooam I give up on hitting "snooze"
6.30am Finished getting ready for work, grad a granola bar and head out to work
7.00am Clock in at work- check the news, a few favourite blogs, read scriptures
11.00am Lunch Break- wherein I sometimes go to the library to take back books/ check books out, go to the post office, call my aunt, write to Alastair, eat luch and/or lay out in the sun
12.00pm Clock back in at work
4.00pm Clock out and head home
4.30pm grab a book, towel and sun screen and head to the pool- check mail on the way- set up lounging station at the pool and read/ tan/ swim
6.00pm Change and go on bike ride/ run errands
7.00pm Shower and get ready for social engagement- which usually means an adventure with Haili and other friends, but is sometimes replaced with the occasional date (frequently? whatever...)
USUALLY home by 10.00pm (unless... I'm not...), chat with roommate, check email
10.30pm Hot tub/ Sauna jaunt
11.00pm Shower/ PJ time, sometimes watch an episode of FRIENDS
11.30 Sleepiness
3.00am wake up, get a drink, go back to bed

A Word...

Well readers (all 8 of you): I would just like to say that despite the rather random foul mood that I seem to be in these past 2 days; I really have an appreciation for my life right now. I have a great job and wonderful friends, a fantastic family who love me, and beautiful weather. And a pool and hot tub. And books. And great food. And Anna's bike that allows me to take epic bike rides most days. And a camera that I don't use enough. And great music that moves me. Life is good!

In the News: China Stops Shock Therapy For Internet Addicts

China's Health Ministry has ordered a hospital to stop using electric shock therapy to cure youths of Internet addiction, saying there was no scientific evidence it worked.Linyi Mental Health Hospital in eastern Shandong province used the treatment as part of a four-month program that has so far treated nearly 3,000 youths, the China Youth Daily newspaper has reported, citing the psychiatrist who runs it, Yang Yongxin.The ministry said in a statement posted on its Web site late Monday there is no domestic or international clinical evidence that electric shock therapy helps cure Internet addiction (see link below to read the rest of this article).

People of the Day: Logan and Connor

This is Connor. This picture is the epitome of his character. Interpret how you will. He's probably one of my favourite people ever- and I think I would like my kids to be as funny as he is.

This is Logan. What a stud. I stole this picture from his facebook (which means it came from someone else... sorry about the slight stalkage) and was delighted to note that Alastair's Will-Smith-early-90s fashion flair hadn't rubbed off. How stylish is he?! I'm telling you: Logan is the British Zac Efron (minus the movie fame, musicalness and uncool g/f).

Quote of the Day

Hollie and Haili are at work playing Mash.

Hollie: OOH! We should pre-prepare a whole book of MASH for the roadtrip to LA!
Haili: THAT is the BEST idea you have EVER had.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Awkward Family Photos is on a Roll...

Words cannot express how grateful I was for this today. HILARIOUS.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Occupation of Time...

Well, I hate to admit it, but the thing that has been occupying my time at work this week (besides the usual blog stalkage of fail, awkward family photos, eonline, the news etc.), is Stephenie Meyer's latest Project, MIDNIGHT SUN. It is basically TWILIGHT, but in Edward's eyes. She has posted the first 200 or so pages on her website, and the girls in the office are hard at work becoming familiar with the hero's mind. I maintain that Robert Pattison doesn't quite fit it as Edward. I wish I could have it on paper infront of me so that I could scribble out all of Meyer's mistakes as I go through it (I HOPE it is an unedited draft that she has posted). And... I am sincerely embarassed to be so very interested in it!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Senile Moment of the Week

WELL. After work I ran down to the pool with my scriptures and my Preach My gospel. Read a little, tanned a little, swam a little- the usual. Anyway this morning I got up a tad late and started to pack my bag for work- realized my scrips were missing and began to panic slightly. Of course this is the usual for me- "misplacing" items (another reason I miss my roommate Anna: she knows where all of my things end up). I searched high and low and no success. Where were they? The pool.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Awkward Family Photo of the Day

Velcro fun. I LOVE this picture. Firstly, whoever invented the velcro suit is a legend. Secondly... well just look!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Google of the Day

Hannah Davis, a new work friend, and I are googlers, officially. Today I typed in "mansion" and this Redneck mansion came up. Fabulous.

Haili Gregson at Guru's, July 9

Haili, my incredibly talented bestie, is playing a show at Guru's (on center street) on thursday. Hails and i will be going to LA later this month and we could very possibly "make it" in which case-- we are never coming back. So come and see her on thursday (over some of Gurus sweet potato fries- yum!) because it might be your last chance before you have to pay a gazillion bucks for a fancy concert hall ticket.

The Man-Suit

For any men out there blog stalking: This is how the suit ought to be done: fitted, fitted, fitted. Too many of you out there wear suits that are far too big. The 80's (and 90's) are over. Take notes from Ryan above. You're Welcome.

Pakistan: Taliban buying children for suicide attacks

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- A top Taliban leader in Pakistan is buying and selling children for suicide bombings, Pakistani and U.S. officials said.

In the video of a training camp, children can be seen killing and going through exercises.
Mehsud has been selling the children, once trained, to other Taliban officials for $6,000 to $12,000, Pakistani military officials said.

Some of the children are as young as 11, the officials said.
"He has been been admitting he holds a training center for young boys, for preparing them for suicide bombing. So he is on record saying all this, accepting these crimes," said Major General Akhtar Abbas, spokesman for the Pakistani army.

The young suicide bombers may be able to reach targets unnoticed, the military said.

Read the rest of this tragic story at

My 4.30- 6.00

THIS is where I spend my early evenings with my ipod (currently playing the transformers soundtrack, anya marina and *cough* the ying yang twins [edited]). I love the dessert in summer. And having a pool.

Movie Reviews of the Week

First of all, let me express my appreciation for Dollar Movie Theaters. I quite enjoyed informing my good friend Malika Toure (there's an accent on her "e", but my keyboarding skills are not quite ready for that) that where she, in New York City, pays up to $10 for a movie, the good people of Cinemark have acknowledged that we in Provo are not quite as tolerant of the Box Office. As such, they have kindly provided us with a lovely theater that we may enjoy for only $1 on weekdays (50 cent mondays) and $2 at the weekend.
And now, the movies of the past week (please note that I do not usually go to the movies so often as I have this past week. There is no real reason...)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
Kevin Costa took me to see this delightful boy-movie. As seems to be the right of my sex, I must admit that I quite enjoy a good chick flick. However, I think growing up with my boys, I have learned to appreciate the "boy-movie". Wolverine was everything it promised to be: action packed, testosterone filled and comic savvy. According to its innate purpose (to be the saturday morning comic cartoon style movie), it fulfilled its duty and I think did so very well. Some observations: why isn't the lead girl in anything huge by now? She was quite spectacular. Ryan Reynolds (as always) did not disappoint- his sword skills blew me away (as did his biceps, let's be honest. Another reason to frown about Scarlett Johansson). Liev can actually pull off the fangs. The memory erase was such a cop-out. Hugh's performance was engaging and I was rather relieved to note that his hair wasn't in that awful devil-style that he tried to rock in the X-Men movies.
Brothers Bloom. Thanks to my lovely roommate, Thalia, for introducting me to this trailer. even more thanks to the Dollars for not charging me $8. This was one of those movies that I don't think enjoyed enough credit for what it offered: a great adventure story, some incredibly hilarious lines, wonderful characters and impressive writing. I very much enjoyed Mark Ruffalo in a role other than the passive submissive silent type that gets his heart broken in every other movie he does. Adrien Brody and Rachel Weiss had genuine working chemistry that drove the plot. This was yet another flick that made my pen hand itch, and lived up to everything a movie should be. Go see it!

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Despite a few good laughs, this movie was regrettably... well, regrettable. If the direction that the Chick Flick is going these days is into an abyss of highly sexually charged abuse on the female character: count me out. A few people in the theater got up and left- I wanted to stand and applaud them. Matthew McConaughy seems to tigh-cast himself in every movie he does, so his character was predictable- but still managed to shock me with how despicable he was. If this is how men think and act, my faith in the human race is dwindling. Of course, I understand what message the writer was trying to get across- that that sort of behaviour from a man will get him nowhere in love or life. But really, what man would go see a movie titled "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" without being dragged there by his girlfriend? I was not impressed- and glad I only paid $1. There was a time when movies set out to woo the audience. Now they seem intent on disappointing under the guise or "realism".

Family Photo of the Day

Thanks to for this deligthful family shot that had me in stitches today. words can't express how truly awkward this is.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Fail of the Day

This got me giggling at my desk today. Thanks once more to failblog.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Daily Shout- Out

My Lavulo family! For obvious reasons (see above) I miss my funny cousins Princess William and King Kati (love the choice of crowns, guys!) and A. Jules (a.k.a. Laban). So today's shout out goes to them, for their inspirational creativity and cute faces.
Thanks to Jules' blog for the pics (stole them).

Picture of the Day

For some reason this picture gets me a little excited for the new Harry Potter movie...

FHE Water Fight

Andrea's group had a water fight planned for their FHE activity. Who ever heard of a planned water fight?? So I decided to take a "personal day" from work and spent the day filling 350 water balloons. My lovely FHE group ambushed Andrea's group, and a whole score of water fun ensued. Many thanks to Kari's facebook page for these pictures.

Happy Wedding Day Loren and Anne!

Today is Loren and Anne's Wedding Day!
Congrats guys.
The above is what google came up with when I typed in "Loren and Anne". Apparently There is a powerful art couple named Loren and Anne and they collect art from all over. they got this one from Fritz Scholder. I thought it was appropriate as Loren and Anne appreciate art. Their wedding reception last night was artistically themed: friends and family displayed art on the walls around the room. It was really interesting for the guests to enjoy that, and to make their own art for Loren and Anne rather than signing a guest book.
So here's to an eternity of appreciating beautiful things together!

My Dream Summer

Last night Devon and I attended a lovely wedding reception for one of our close friends (congrats Loren and Anne!), and on the way home I decided to confide in him one of my dream summer plans. Upon sharing my idea, I was met with uncontrollable laughter which I thought was really rather discouraging! In fact, Devon thought that shovelling horse poo would be much more fun.
What would be so horrid about working at a vineyard for the summer? It would be an incredibly rewarding experience, learning the value of patience and hard work, checking on the grapes and walking up and down the rows all day. You could wear a pedometer and count the steps you take in one day- it would be great excercise! I also pointed out that you would get a lovely tan.
Furthermore, squishing the grapes to make grape juice would be exquisite fun, you could paint or read or write in the beautiful scenery when you were sick of the grapes and you could make lots of new friends and listen to their stories all day long. AND if you were in love, it is the perfect scenery for romance.
FINALLY: most fertilizers are made of horse poo, so I don't see why he wouldn't enjoy it. I have such stubborn friends.