Thursday, 18 June 2009

WARNING: No Progresso for Late Sleepers

Because I do not pull myself out of bed until the last possible moment; by the time I have stumbled into an outfit for work (which, today, consists of black tights, a black high waisted pencil skirt, banana republic ivory linen shirt and dark green cardigan), brush my teeth and attempt to line my eyes with Revlons latest, I did not have enough time to get myself a nicely packed lunch today. Instead, I searched my cupboards and pulled out this: Progresso Chowder. May I please make a statement on behalf of desperate time constricted office workers everywhere? "Progresso does not cut it!!!!!" There is something seriously wrong when I find myself wishing I had grabbed a Cup Noodle (from that Ramen guy we college kids all love) instead. Gross, gross, gross Progresso.

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