Saturday, 5 June 2010

Discovery: Angus and Julia Stone

The audacity of leaving you all anecdote-less for a while and then attempting to remedy that with a youtube video of a new musical couple I have been impressed by. Rest assured that the situation is under consideration- the situation being my blogging absence. Also, rest assured that you may still actually appreciate my outlook on the world when I admit that I despise people who blog that they have not blogged "in fooorreeevvveerrr"- it is quite seriously one of the most annoying things I come across, and yet find myself doing quite often. Therefore, accept my apologies and please DO enjoy this song, which I have spent the last couple of days in delight over. It is one of those "alone time" songs that leave you sitting in the corner of your room, staring- not blinking- at nothing in particular, mulling over life. Which, in my opinion, is something one out to do often. My reasons are none in particular... though I commit to pondering over some potential reasons and getting back to you. Now that you are confused by my awkward expression of thought, hit play already.

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