Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Summer Plans!

THE MOTHERLAND. Thanks to the impending matrimony of my British BFF, Han, I shall be touching down (VERY briefly) in the good old United Kingdom for a weekend in August. Have a heart, friends, and offer me a place to stay!

WORK. Hurrah for BYU, and the funding of the church. Thanks to that, I am able to work full time on campus despite the economic crisis. I work at BYU Independent Study, where I answer phones, calm aggitated customers, order final exams and proctor exams myself, catch plagerism, sort out tuition fees, update courses and update my blog.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY. The parents (and Logan and Connor) are moving to Germany this summer, and because they miss me so terribly, have requested that I visit them in August! I am excited to brush up on my [awful] German skills and see their faces!!

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  1. Now then, you can stay with us if you want. We'll probably be living in Manchester but may be living in Birmingham if you come in early August. Either way you're more than welcome to stay.