Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Two Tragic Movies

My friend Devon and I sat down to this movie this week and admittedly spent the majority of the movie feeling like idiots (well, I did- I don't know if he did). I can't remember exactly how many time I called out in frustration "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Of course, as with any suspense-filled Smith movie, all is revealed. I still wonder at the movie's message. I understand that the movie is meant to convince us that this man was noble: and that contrary to the usual, guilt can move a human to do something "good". However, I am not so sure that I agree that suicide to provide organs for others was noble! The blind man lived a noble life: never rising to intimidation, serving others in the community. Smith's character was noble when he gave his home to the abused mother and her children, and when he visited and cared for the cardio-love interest. People are noble when they live, reacting well to the challenges life throws at them. It is an interesting thought that he would take it upon himself to change the circumstances of those around him: but taking his life to satisfy his guilt... I don't know if I can accept that as noble! It feels like Smith's character believed that this was the only way for him to move past his guilt. I don't agree with this! He used his wealth to bless the abused woman and her family: that singular act was significantly greater than anything a lot of people on this planet could ever imagine to accomplish! So I have to ask myself what an audience can take away from this movie: the notion that the small services they perform for others is simply not enough or insignificant? If everybody lived with this conception, the world would be considerably more tragic than it is today.
My Dad has been talking about this movie for a long time. War movies, boy movies: not my thing. But good golly (yes, I just said "good golly"), what an ending. I cannot give it away for those of you that have not yet seen it: but I will say that it is probably the most affecting ending. Ever. Also- Whoever played the bpys mother in this movie- I forget her name- she was excellent. Wow, wow, wow!

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