Thursday, 1 July 2010

Moment of the Month

Kaley and I went to JCPenney's this week. The circumstances of the week begged the occassion. On Monday I went to a natural Hot Springs in the mountains in Heber, near Park City. Knowing me, the event was filled with disaster, and I slipped and fell into the scalding water, cutting open a toe and scratching my wrist. So, limping and looking quite frankly like an emo cutter on Tuesday, my day was already off to a bad start. It only got worse when I had a tiny texting-tiff with one of my favourite friends (yes, I'm still annoyed with you, Kip). Cue Kaley: "I LOVE jcpenney." Enough said. I hadn't been to Penney's in about 3 years. I was game.

My father would point out that it is the mark of a Shopoholic when one turns to retail therapy to feel better/ get a rush/ think deep thoughts/ relax. I am currently looking into a support group.

Anyway kaley and I had a blast, trying on different things, prancing around in the business section in fancy suits and skirts.

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