Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tips for Single Ladies

It seems to be blaringly obvious that Provo is no place for the single female undergrad senior- unless of course she doesn't mind the constant reminder that she has hit the expiration date for "the bubble." This week 2 of my favourite friends thought they would surprise me with the most hilarious self help guide for women: "How to Get Along With Boys," not surprisingly, written most seriously in the 1940s. Whereas I love them for it and it will keep me delightfully amused for the next few days, I began to wonder what was going on when a couple of other links and pieces of advice came flooding in from other members of the (mostly married) office. Apparently I have been painted the tragic Bridget-Jones of the office. Thank heavens I have a semi decent head on my shoulders, because rather than sob about it (i heart singledom), here is my favourite link of wisdom, brought to you from the past:


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  2. So that is what I have been doing wrong this entire time. Thank you so much for posting this, Hollie. I really needed it!

    ~ Cherish