Thursday, 24 September 2009

Those Lads of Mine!

Moment if sisterly pride!  Get ready for it!
Above is the talented Connor T. McKee, somersaulting through the air while diving at the Freibad in Oberursel, Germany.  Yes, that's right.  While the Utah air gets chilly it looks as though summer is staying in Germany for a few more weeks!  Am I jealous?  Well, what do you think?

Meanwhile, Logan made the soccer team and spends all of his time swanning around Europe playing other international and private schools.  it's all very fancy.  And he is a stud.  The end.
Alastair is my lovely missionary and he is doing so well in Buffalo.  His new companion is a greenie, so he is training him and helping his with his spanish.  It's flying by, and he'll be home soon!

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