Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Before I forget: check out Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by Katie Melua. She's a classy lady and I love her take on this classic Beatles tune.
On to other subjects. I am blogging tonight because I realize I have not done so in over a week, and if I am to successfully convince myself that by blogging I am in some way fulfilling my duty to write a journal, then so be it. I will tell you all that my poor journal writing is largely my brother's fault. I can't tell you the number of times I caught him poring through my silly scribbles, or the number of times he would coyly slip into public conversation the name of my latest crush. Humiliating. Don't get me wrong, I love the kid, but a snoop is every young girls nightmare. At one point I decided to develop a very sophisticated "code language". It was so sophisticated in fact, that now I have 2 months worth of my 13 yr old history that I can in no way decipher.
Anyway, here I am.
My semester is looking interesting. I have a couple of classes that I would rather not take, but am doing so in the name of graduation. English language 325 would be one of those classes. My Professor is an interesting character. If any of you have ever seen "spongebob squarepants" before, you will know what I mean when I tell you that he reminds me of Squidward. His voice is identical. He wears his too big trousers very low and wears the sorts of glasses that President Benson did.
I am taking a German class. I thought it was high time that I did so. I have learned that while I read and translate rather well, my oral skill is pretty much non existent. However, I am glad that I am in the class because there are some very interesting characters in it. I probably will not go into detail because knowing my luck I will become jolly good friends with them all and there could be some possibility of them reading this at some point.
Geology. I am giving Physical science another whirl. You will all know that the last time I tried, it didn't work out so well for me: yes, you may call me a "quitter"- go ahead. Judge. But this time it might be bearable. Rocks and stuff- I am rather pumped up for it. Either that, or I am SAYING I am pumped up because I know for a fact that one of you blog fans is related to my professor. Hi Matt.
My other classes include more Grammar classes than I thought possible and an INCREDIBLY interesting "Bible as Literature" class that I have heard immensely about.
My cooking feats as of late: Pork pot roast (very yummy), my lovely greek potato dish (email me for the details- it's simply marvelous) and macaroni cheese, martha stewart style. How I love her. Minus the jail situation of course.
Insult of the week- by none other than Sam Larson, of course: he called me his "Wendy" as I cooked for him and his "lost boys". Not at all impressed.
Movie of the week: Leap Year. Devon and I ran out to watch it (yes, Devon went to a CHIC FLICK, it happened)- it was rather adorable. Our favourite part, it seemed, was where Amy Adams explains to the Irish lead her intentions to propose to her man, and said Irish lead laughs his head off and tells her its ridiculous. You have to see it. For the record, I agree with the Irish lead- no girl should have to propose to any boyfriend she has for four years. Having said that, it appears we now live in a society where guys find it impossible to even ask a girl out to dinner so...
Ah yes- one more piece of news before I skip off to bed- I was promoted at work! Hurray for a whole extra dollar an hour and a tad more power.

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