Monday, 8 March 2010

American Culture: I Don't Understand You

To my American friends: I love you. But there are some things I can't fathom/ stand.
Last night there was a knock at my front door, which was followed by the squeak of the front door as it was pushed open. The knocker/ intruder waltzed in and plonked himself on my couch while I sat on said couch in my pyjamas, bewildered. Said intruder then sat, wordless, waiting for us to entertain him. While waiting, he flipped open my phone, tried on my watch and rifled through my papers that I had placed in order to study from.
Did I mention I was in my pyjamas?
I should, perhaps, mention that as he wandered from the door to the couch (where I sat... in my pyjamas) he aimlessly said, "did you guys say 'come in?'" Despite the fact that neither of my roommates or myself are "guys," we responded that no, we had not invited the knocker to "come in," to which the intruder snort-giggled before sitting, waiting, and rifling.
On the couch where I sat, in my pyjamas.
I hope my neighbors and friends know that I am always there for them if they need to talk or want a visit. I just don't like being caught in pyjamas!


  1. rather bothers me people do that. My roommates and I do not understand at all how some people can enter unannounced and simply sit down.

  2. Please don't generalize the insanities of weird Provites to the rest of us. Much thanks.