Friday, 5 March 2010

Things This Week

This week has been a blur of all sorts of preoccupations. Here are a few highlights/ memorable notes. Firstly, I should remind you, my blog fans, of my upcoming life celebration. Yes, I'll be 22 next week. Which in and of itself is a ridiculously intimidating thought. I have come to the conclusion, however, that I at least have a lot of accomplishments, adventures and unique stories to show for my years. To celebrate, I hope my parents guessed that the above is what I hope to be wearing by the time I am 23. This will probably be considered a hint for Christmas.
Secondly, I admit that I am so very upset that I no longer have the time, it seems, to cook. The people in my ward are practically famished. Just kidding, I don't cook for everyone. BUT I am rather irritated that I seem to be eating oatmeal for dinner every night because I just get home too late or have too much reading and writing to get done. In reality, I should get up an hour early and prepare real lunches for myself or something. But let's face it: who actually hears that awful alarm sound and thinks "yes! I am outta this cosy bed, let's go go go!"?? Not me. When I hear that sound, I hit snooze. at least three times.

My next week event concerns the most ridiculous grammar book I think I have ever laid eyes on. Rodney Huddleston, If you're reading this, please consider burning this book or dis-associating yourself from its publication. I realize that a lot of text books are written by very knowledgable people who must at least be interested in what they are writing. However, I am truly of the opinion that many of these authors forget who they are writing to. No college kid in their right mind would get excited about reading this book. And I am certain that most professors of the same caliber as Huddleston himself and screamin inside for something a little more appetizing to read after a day of their own hoyty toyty consumation. Text book authors, do us a favor: at least pretend to be passionate about what you are teaching! be a little loquacious! If your reader has to resort to caffeine in order to make it through another page, you are going wrong somewhere.
Especially if that page is the introductory page.
Lastly, Ke$ha. I have been hearing about her tik-tok song for a while now and finally decided to give it a listen while at work. My judgment (I'm sure you are all excited to hear about it): overrated. I don't find anything unique about her music, though it is of course catchy and upbeat and probably something I would quite happily run to. I WILL say, however, that her appearance distresses me. I want to brush her hair, wash her eyes and give her a dollar to make her smile.


  1. Loquacious? Isn't that a synonym of "verbose?"

  2. loquacious: adjective, "Talkative" or "Chatty," on a shallow level amongst peers.
    verbose: adjective, expressing in more words than are needed; longwinded; usually seen in academic writings and speech.

  3. just checked out ur blog nd seriously its very intresting those shoes are soooooooooooooooo hot