Wednesday, 31 March 2010

[french] Onion Soup

Well, I managed to find SOMETHING that the french did right.
On Sunday I finally got around to cooking Onion soup. For my birthday, my lovely roommate Anna got me a cookbook with the most glorious picture on the front. I did what I'm not supposed to- I judged.
I know that pride is a sin, I really do. And I know it's conceited to blow one's own trumpet, but by george: I was the most proud of myself than I've ever been when I served up the above. I made the worlds best soup. Despite its french-ness!


  1. On behalf of the entire FRENCH/FRANCOPHONE world:

    we resent all of the poorly-veiled jabs at us.

    And stop making fun of the frogs. We apologize for occasionally being pretentious prats and also for all of that Napoleon nonsense. Shouldn't that all be water under the bridge?



  2. malika. you are my favourite (ie. the only one) frenchish person. if i nfact you really are from there. i have my reasons. the end.