Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm in Jail

I am currently nearing the end of my second hour sitting in the same seat, in the same basement classroom. There are no windows, the walls appear to be pressing in on me and I am pretty sure my eye sight is blurring everything but this computer screen together. My head feels like it is full of cotton wool. It is during these moments when I question the caliber of the human brain- quite frankly, after 12 hours already of being on campus today, I don't know how I am not gnawing on the the shoulder of the guy in front of me right now. How do prisoners manage to survive a sentence? I think I am just now learning to appreciate the design of THE WINDOW. Now I am starting to feel depressed at the thought that when I finally DO get around to leaving this cave, it will be DARK. Somehow, I missed the whole day because I was holed up in a concrete cell. In fact, the ONLY time I have spent outside today is the time it took to walk from my office to the Jesse Knight Building- and you all know how I feel about that building.

ALSO, in an email, the professor who stands before me right now promised that we would get out of class early today. I feel brutally cheated.

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