Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Two Thoughts

Thought one: Today was the day that I looked in the mirror and noticed that reality is in fact not at all what is going on in my mind. In my MIND, I am still pre-adolescent both in features and in thought. Sometimes I wonder if people think like kids still. Lots of "grown up" things freak me out and I feel like a kid picking through them. The reality is that I look light-years different, and it sort of caught up with me. How odd that human beings can change so much.

Thought two: I feel like a lot of people think it is a tragedy that there are single 22 year olds out there. To defend my kind (or perhaps just put in a plug for those of humanity OUTSIDE of the P-town bubble): I can think of only TWO disadvantages of not being married right now, and ONE of those reasons involves taxes. So... yeah.

1 comment:

  1. anyone married who is younger that 22 is the tragedy, outside of p-town. which, by the way, is the rest of the world.

    single and 22. own it.