Thursday, 14 October 2010

Quote of the Day

This is my littlest brother Connor. Let it be known that he is a substantial dude in my life. Among my favourite quotes from him is the phone conversation we had (when he was 11) which went:
"Hey Con! What's new?"
(Connor clears his throat and rumbles) "Puberty."

This past week my facebook status read: Dear red grape juice, I love you! -- this was referring to my new found love of fresh grape juice which, apparently, is good for the heart (whatever, I'm just looking for an excuse to spend money on hydration rather than just downing boring old water). Connor commented:

"No, Hol! That's WINE!!!!!" to which I responded, "haha, it's juice!" Connor then commented:
"Well, it can lead to wine... From now on a strict water and milk diet ONLY!"

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